Friday, December 9, 2011

{Coming Soon! La Vie En Print}

We've alluded to an exciting project in the works and we're excited to announce that in the coming weeks, we'll be launching a sister company to La Vie En Rose Events.

Once upon a time, a wedding planner and an artist met on a blind date. They happened to hit it off remarkably well. Within a few short years, the wedding planner was happily engaged to the artist and ready to start planning their wedding. However, when the time came to choose invitations, the couple found that nothing fit both their style and their price range. After an extensive & exhausting search, the wedding planner had a lightbulb moment. Who could design a better stationery suite than a wedding planner & an artist?! The couple set to work and soon came up with printed items to reflect their personal style.

The Wedding Planner + The Artist (photo by Tim Eng)
After realizing that they really enjoyed working together on their own invitations, the wedding planner began referring La Vie En Rose Events clients to her husband, and thus, La Vie En Print was born.We are very excited to offer couples and families unique, customizable, and affordable designs for life's most important celebrations. 

La Vie En Print will offer modern invitations and stationery designs in both printed format as well as Digital DIY Designs at modest price points.  We will also be offering custom design work.  And it's not just weddings - many of our standard designs can be used for parties, product launches, birthdays, etc.!  We'll have a range of baby/kid stationery too. Colors & fonts will be customizable on each of our stationery suites.

Here's a sneak peek of a few designs that we'll be offering:

Click here to view a larger version of the Modern Mums invitation suite.

Click here to view a larger version of the Fez invitation suite.

Click here to view a larger version of the Vintage Dahlia invitation suite.

We look forward to unveiling the rest of our designs and launching our Etsy Shop! Check back for updates & more designs in the coming weeks & don't forget to like us on Facebook for updates. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

{La Advice - Wrong Way Bouquet}

A quick tip - there's a wrong way & a right way to hold your bouquet.  This goes for brides as well as bridal party... 

Here's how not to do it:

Anne, you're lovely, but we can't see your gorgeous dress!

Awww, SJP, we practically can't see your face.  And you kind of look like you're heading off to battle...
Please, don't do either of the above.  Hold your bouquet like so:

Nice & low.  Photo by Teresa Horgan.

This lovely bridesmaid got it right.  Photo by Richard B. Flores

When I line bridesmaids up to walk down the aisle, I collect gum from anyone chewing and then remind them of this simple way to remember where the flowers ought to be....  "Pubes, not boobs."  It's easy to remember and it always puts a smile on everyone's face right before they walk.  :)