Saturday, March 26, 2011

{La Inspiration - Liz Taylor}

We were very saddened by the passing of Elizabeth Taylor, an amazing talent and a true beauty.  She loved weddings almost as much as we do - she was married 8 times in her life! 

Any number of her films or real-life weddings could serve as an inspiration...  

One of our favorite Elizabeth Taylor films is 1958's Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  Here's a quick inspiration board based upon a few images from that film.  

(We don't, however, hope that anyone's marriage is as tumultuous as Brick & Maggie's). 

We started off with this dress by Pink Purr Studio, which is a replica of the white dress worn by Elizabeth Taylor in the film.  The peach tones in this floral arrangement by Pixie Floral echo the colors of the bedroom and the centerpiece mimics the scrolls on the brass bed which many key scenes in the film take place around.  (Seen in the next image).  In keeping with the golden scrolls image, we've found a gorgeous cake by Sweet Memories Canada and invitations  by Etsy seller InvitedInk. Lighting such as that done by Full Circle Lighting echoes the lanterns used to decorate for Big Daddy's birthday party.  And finally, since Cat on a Hot Tin Roof did start out as a play, this  playbill program found at Urban Grey would surely make a great program.  


Thursday, March 17, 2011

{La Inspiration - Irish Countryside}

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’re going on a virtual shopping spree.  We’ll skip the shamrocks and shenanigans and stick with a subtle nod to the Irish countryside… Some recent finds that have us swooning:

Birch Bark Ring “pillow” and Flower Girl Basket by Etsy Seller NHWoodscreations.
A hand cut birch tree with your initials would look amazing on your place card or guest book table, and this print would make darling invitations…  Both by Etsy Seller OurHumbleABoweD.  

Moss covered letters for your site doors?  Check.  By Etsy Seller SpottedLeopard.

The name says it all – “Queen of the Woods” headpiece by Etsy Seller WHICHGOOSE 

JCrew’s dune gown – so ethereal. 

A romantic bouquet.  From Posy Flowers via

Moss in Milkglass centerpieces by Etsy Seller floresdelsol.  I’d stack these up to varying heights on vintage books of Irish poetry… 

And maybe you can get your groom to take a page out of John Wayne’s style file –

A classic “pops” hat a la The Quiet Man (rent it if you haven’t seen it) would be fab. 

Slainte! (That's Irish for Cheers!)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

{La Advice - RSVPs}

You’ve mailed your invitations and are patiently waiting for the RSVP cards to start arriving…  They slowly start to trickle in, and then, suddenly, one arrives with no return address.  You open the card and inside is totally illegible or blank, but you don’t panic.  You simply flip the card over and there on the back ever so inconspicuously is a little number.  With one quick check of your numbered guest list, you instantly know who the mystery guest is. 

We cannot tell you how useful it is to number the back of your RSVP cards.  You can buy an invisible ink (blacklight) pen, you can faintly write a teensy weensy number in pencil in the corner, or you can put a small sticker on the back of each card.  Whichever route you choose, the few moments you spend numbering the RSVP cards can save a lot of headache down the road.  


Friday, March 4, 2011

{La Advice - Kids}

Whether they are scattering rose petals down the aisle or carry the rings, little ones will surely add a touch of tenderness to your ceremony. If your wedding party includes young flower girls and ring bearers, it's helpful to express to them the importance of their role, and rehearse with them in advance (to minimize the pressure on the day). 

If the child's parents are members of your bridal party, we suggest that you ask their parents to arrange for someone that the child knows to remain at the back of the ceremony site, keeping the child calm before it is his/her turn to walk down the aisle.  That person may also need to be responsible for entertaining the child during the ceremony.   

At the reception, to make them feel an integral part of the event, maybe you could share a dance with them.
In those instances when other children are also part of your attending guests, it’d be best that an area is created for them at the venue. It will keep them occupied and allow their parents and other adult guests to enjoy the party without a worry.

If it’s possible, hire a caregiver/nanny to keep an eye on and assist them. Never ask one of the wedding guests to do this, unless they volunteer first.

A good way to entertain them is to make goody bags containing age appropriate materials i.e. coloring books, crayons or travel size board games.

Make sure that your caterer will provide a kids’ menu that is more accessible than the adult menu.  There aren't many 4-year-olds that will eat prime rib... and hungry kids are cranky kids.  

Lastly, remember that having children be part of your day means there's only so much you can control. Their personality and cuteness will surely be what everyone will remember.