Friday, January 6, 2012

{La Advice - Becoming a To-Be-Wed}

Congratulations to all those newly to-be-weds who got engaged over the holiday season!!  Getting engaged to be married signifies a huge transition in life – unlike any you’ve faced before, and it can bring an onslaught of emotions, good and bad.  Here are a few tips to handle it all.  

Photo by Tim Eng.

I’m sure that you are over the moon about finding “the one”.  However, may of newly engaged people also find a fair bit of anxiety tugging at that feeling of glee.  It’s totally normal to feel that way, but please don’t let it overshadow the delight that you’re feeling!  Pop a bottle, clink some glasses, and make out with your fiancé/e!  

Before you even start thinking of wedding stuff, you should take a bit of personal time to reflect on the transition ahead and mentally prepare for what is next in your life.  By making/accepting a proposal, you’ve made an agreement with your partner to shed your singledom and embrace life as a family together.  Now is the time to have the big discussions about life with your partner, to make sure you’re on the same page with regard to the major components that will make up a family’s life (money, children, conflict resolution, etc.).    

Considering how quickly information is disseminated in today’s society, odds are as soon as one or two people find out that you’re engaged, your whole network of friends and family will know all about it.  Before you even get accustomed to calling your partner fiancé/e, the questions will come rolling in.
“Have you set a date?” “Will you invite such-and-such person?” “Where will you have the reception?” “What’s your color scheme?” “Who’s in your bridal party?”  Don’t stress this!  People are happy for you and want to engage with you (no pun intended).  Simply thank them for their interest in your wedding, and let them know that you haven’t even thought about planning yet because you want to take some time to enjoy life as an engaged couple. 


And please, please don’t let anyone stress you into planning a wedding - there's no rush, and it's not a race!  You’ll know when you and your partner are ready to start!


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